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A reissue of their 2nd record dating back to 2001, The Sleepy Strange is often cited as Japancakes' best album, and you can certainly hear a strong case for that from the very start: 'The Waiting' is an instrumental alt. country masterpiece, swelling with strings, lullaby lapsteel tones and the kind of lyrical sensitivity you'd just never expect from a band called Japancakes. 'Disconnect The Cables' is no less lovely, bringing to mind a voiceless Mercury Rev in their turn-of-the-century heyday, layering synth-born wonderment over folk-rock frameworks. It's on the more anaesthetised slow songs that The Sleepy Strange's real beauty comes out, however, and the floating, drumless 'Vanishing Point' stands out in particular due to its inscrutably simple elegance - all warm, sliding guitar swells and plaintive chords. Recommended.

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Japancakes - The Sleepy StrangeJapancakes - The Sleepy StrangeJapancakes - The Sleepy Strange