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How successful would the American Paraplegia Society be if they called themselves the Brotherhood of Child Molesting Guys on Wheelchairs? Magneto's weak PR skills aren't the only reason the original Brotherhood looks awesome by comparison ...

The main character throughout the series was Nobel Prize winner, Dr Spencer Quist, who had been given the task of setting up and running the department by the British government. Quist is haunted by guilt of having worked on the Manhattan Project , making the first nuclear bomb. He was played throughout the BBC run by John Paul , a familiar face from a range of British television series, who later went on to appear in I, Claudius .

HAWKE:  I have totally hitched my wagon to the horse of storytelling, and the idea that none of us know why we’re born, or why we’re gonna die, or what we’re planted here, or what’s on the other side of the galaxy, or when time began, or when time end.  The whole nature of reality is pretty up for grabs, really.  And I kind of feel that the idea of sharing with each other and telling stories to each other, making sense out of our lives, because we all look through life through this tiny little keyhole, you know, we have this tiny little perspective of our parents, and the world that we grew up in, and that’s the only one we feel intimately.  But the more you read, you know, the more stories you hear, the more songs you heard sung of this thing and this thing, and in an ideal world... Pauline   Kael  said about movies, when a movie really hits you and the lights are down, you realize you’re actually not alone.  And that you’re actually not ashamed of yourselves and you’re not, you know, we all have this thing that we’re harboring these secret hurts that nobody else has.  And in fact, all of us are some deep powerful wounds, some not so.  See, but all of us have our own issues, and I think, I believe in the healing restorative power of art and communication.  And so that’s probably my rule.  But that doesn’t apply to bedtimes.  And stuff like that.

As well as Acting Arrogant, if you Come to Him with a Problem, Since According to Him “It Isn’t his Responsibility.”

Doom - Police BastardDoom - Police BastardDoom - Police BastardDoom - Police Bastard